'Life in all its fullness'
John 10:10

St George's C of E School aims to serve by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of our Christian Vision and Values, which have been determined by our whole school community.

Above all, our aim is to make St George's School a happy place, where your child will want to be, where their personal strengths are celebrated and their work will be tailored to their individual needs.


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About our Curriculum

At St George’s, our curriculum is customised, personalised and designed to meet the needs of your children- following the culture and ethos of this church school.

The whole school community contributed to the co- construction of our curriculum in the Summer Term of 2018 with a determination to ensure to ensure it is rich and vibrant as possible, through a wide range of activities, both inside and outside the classroom. We have a particular focus on ‘Learning Away’ to enhance children’s life experiences and help them acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to take an outward looking, full part in the world around them be it through outdoor learning, music, sport or the humanities.

There is a strong emphasis on reading, writing and maths, which are continually linked to all areas of the National Curriculum as we believe these skills will allow our children to succeed in later life. The school places a high value on the training of staff to deliver the curriculum your children deserve. Of equal importance is the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of our outstanding Church School, underpinned by an understanding and appreciate of British values.

From the beginning of the Early Years journey through to Year 6, within our curriculum we encourage the children to be independent learners and to make links with the outside world. We have a particular emphasis on experiential learning outside the classroom, cross curricular work and exciting enrichment activities in every year group.

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