'Life in all its fullness'
John 10:10

St George's C of E School aims to serve by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of our Christian Vision and Values, which have been determined by our whole school community.

Above all, our aim is to make St George's School a happy place, where your child will want to be, where their personal strengths are celebrated and their work will be tailored to their individual needs.


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Early Years

St George's Early years team provides all children with a stimulating environment, carefully selected resources and a child centered learning experience. Children's learning grows from their interests and strength and staff provide experiences, materials and activities to make the children explore and investigate the world around them.

Staff use the EYFS framework to support assessment and advise further planning. 

Whilst in Early years children will take part in many whole school initiatives including Read Write Inc, Big Maths, Learning away and reading miles.
Learning Away - Learning away encourages children to develop their language and independence whilst discovering the outdoor environment. 


Our Nursery offers 15 hour and 30 hour places at the beginning of each school year. As the terms progress, these are allocated as closely as possible to parents and carers needs. We have the maximum capacity for 30 children in each nursery session and do alter the Little Dragons provision if the needs arise to provide additional Nursery places.

All children who start Nursery are invited for transitions visits with their parents to support the move from home to school. If they have attended Little Dragons these visits are organised whilst the children are in school. Each family will receive a home visit to share information and discuss any medical needs or support school can offer to the family. These visits are essential for building good, strong working partnerships with families that will enable school and home to work together to maximise the learning potential for every child.

Each year we plan our Long Term Curriculum to include National and International events, religious and Christian festivals. We also support events, such as World Book Day and The Macmillan Coffee morning.

We use the school development plan to organise events and activities that enable us to make whole school changes to improve our practise and therefore the outcomes for our children.

We are almost at the end of the first year of our Core Book programme. A programme that encourages children and parents to share and read high quality books chosen by ourselves to prompt the love of stories and a sound grounding in excellent literacy. These books are recognised by educators as encouraging children to retell stories, develop their imagination and to understand story book language. If all children have the same basic start with reading and story telling we feel they are more likely to become readers and writers in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. This initiative is endorsed by Literacy advisor Joan Stark and has been successfully trialed at several local primary schools.

We plan our outdoor learning visits and visitors to the school in advance so we can encourage parents to join us wherever possible. Our weekly planning is based around the children’s needs and interests and these plans alter and change alongside the children’s development and our assessments. 

Each month parents are invited into school to Stay and Play. This is an ideal opportunity for parents and staff to work together to help children achieve their full potential and to encourage parents to take activities and ideas from the classroom home to practise.

When starting a new initiative or programme such as ‘Read Write Inc Phonics’ parents are invited into school to experience a phonics session first so they understand how and why we teach phonics in a particular way. Handouts, phonics books and website information are given to parents so they can help their children complete work at home to practise their skills.

We have recently received our first Smiles for Life certificate, encouraging children to brush their teeth daily. We provide children with tooth brushes and the correct fluoride level of toothpaste. We aim to achieve all four certificates.

Each week we go on outdoor learning visits which are differentiated to support the needs of the children within the group. These visits help the children to understand and appreciate the beautiful world we live in and provide opportunities to explore and learn independently whilst being active and healthy. The visits help to promote care for the environment, a sense of belonging for the children and enrich their speech and language opportunities. The children’s level of descriptive language improves with each visit as they use new words to explain the different and varied environments. These visits help staff to encourage the less adventurous pupils whilst providing the perfect opportunity for pastoral support with Mr Riley.

Each week the children participate in PE and several other gross motor skill activities. PE supports the development of individual children’s core strength, self-confidence, balance and coordination.

The children learn to bake and cook each week, linking food to our curriculum themes. Baking develops friendships between children, creates speaking and listening opportunities and helps children with processing difficulties to follow step by step instructions.

Approaching the end of the summer term we hold an Early Years Exhibition to showcase the children’s work from Little Dragons, Nursery and Reception to celebrate their achievements for the whole year.

Reception Class

In Reception Class we work hard to ensure that the children learn to the best of their ability through both adult led tasks and child centred play.

We follow the Read, Write Inc programme for phonics and the children have tasks and activities around the classrooms where they can practise these skills through their play.

For parent information about Read, Write Inc please click on the link below.

The importance of reading for pleasure is at the heart of a lot of our learning in Reception class and we try hard to listen to every child read as many times as possible during the week. Reading at home is also encouraged with Reading Miles and a Reading Raffle that is drawn every Friday. Every time a child reads at home they have a raffle ticket put into the pot and the opportunity to win a lovely book from our collection. Our planning is often centred around books that stimulate interest and intrigue the children for different reasons.

Our curriculum plans change often. This is so we are able to link our topics with the interests of the children and to also cover any gaps they might have in their learning.

We have Friday Fun mornings throughout each term when the parents are invited into class to share activities and ideas with the children. There is generally a theme for these mornings when we might focus on areas of learning such as Maths, Phonics, Physical Development or Creativity.

Our visits to the nursing home are entering their third year and these are a rewarding and heart warming time. We get to see the children interacting with more elderly or less able members of our community. The children build friendships and close bands with some of the residents and this is a delight to be part of.

Outdoor Learning is a favourite time of the week for us, to see the children learning outdoors and becoming less aware of being in a school situation. Children who are more reserved in class can suddenly find their voice to share their thoughts and idea.
New vocabulary is introduced in a meaningful and enjoyable situation. The weekly learning trips are always linked to our teaching and learning of the curriculum.

The children have many big steps to make in their learning during the Reception year but we work hard as a team to ensure this learning is as fun and as practical as it can be.

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