'Life in all its fullness'
John 10:10

St George's C of E School aims to serve by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of our Christian Vision and Values, which have been determined by our whole school community.

Above all, our aim is to make St George's School a happy place, where your child will want to be, where their personal strengths are celebrated and their work will be tailored to their individual needs.


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Autumn Term 2018

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Summer Term 2018

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Spring Term 2018

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Autumn Term 2 2017

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Autumn Term 1 2017

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Autumn Term 2016


Autumn Term Outdoor learning Part 2


Nursery explore the beach
Furness Cross Country Championship
Class 5 - Barrow Blitz
Class 5 trip to Roan Head
Class 2 Trip to Gummers How


Class 4 and Class 5 running at Furness Academy
Reception Class trip to Barrow Park
Class 3 and Class 6 running at Furness Academy
Class 1 trip to Birkrigg Common
Class 4 Geocaching
Class 3's trip to Furness Abbey

Summer Term 2016



40 children of different ages, took part in a day full of sporting activities, planned and led by the PE students from VI Form College. The activities were full of fun and helped the children improve on a variety of sporting skills.

12 children took part in a Year3 –Year 4 Cross Country competition held at St Bernard’s School. The children all did themselves proud. Special mention must go to Cadie Leigh Armstrong who was positioned 7th in the Y3 Girls race and Curtis Liversidge , who came 12th in the year 3 Boys race.

Spring Term 2016


KS1 Cricket
Class 2 Trip to Sandscale Hawes

Class 1 visit to the woods (PDF)

Class 2 Church visit (PDF)

Reception Class trip to Abbotts Wood (PDF)

Class 4 trip to the hoad (PDF)
Cumbria Cross Country - Aidan Pawley
Reception Class trip to the Dock Museum

Starting off with completing the ‘Anything is possible’ challenge to count the cenotaph steps!
This was then followed by a fabulous walk along the Channel Side, and up the Slag bank hill.

The children were treated to a spectacular show by the oyster catchers, swooping over the water.
The children then had a picnic followed by an adventurous play on the park.

We have a few budding pirate captains!!
The class ended the day with a tour of the Dock Museum, thanks to the Museum staff.

The children asked lots of very interesting questions!!! Well done Reception Class.

Year 2 visit to Haybridge Nature Reserve 

The panoramic views from the Hides were amazing.
The children trekked through the woods, following markers to guide their way! 
The classroom was filled with interesting exhibits that the children were fascinated with. They had the opportunity to sketch their favourite findings.
Dear Parents/Carers 

Your child recently brought home a series of challenges to try and complete for the ''at our school anything is possible''award scheme being run by Barrow AFC, Inspiring Barrow.

If your child completes any of the activities, please email a message or better still send a photo to Mrs Chapman  at 
I look forward to hearing what amazing things your child has done.
Mrs Chapman


Year 3 climb Gummers How and visit Fell Foot Park

The children rose to the challenge of the wind and climb and reached the summit of Gummers How, and were rewarded with a superb view over Windermere.

Good teamwork and friendship were shown throughout the activity.

The children then had a picnic and an adventurous play in Fell Foot Park.

Once more Year 5 pupils have been lucky enough to take part in a series of Paddle Sport sessions at Water Park Outdoor Centre.

The windy day made the kayaking a challenge, but the children were able to work safely within the marina area and had a great time developing their skills and completing the challenges set for them.
On land activities included charcoal sketches of the lake and mountains, maths challenges, a scavenger hunt and poetry.

Anything is possible.

Year 3/4/5/6 took part in this scheme, alongside barrow AFC, as part of our drive to get healthy and active! Pupils have been given an activity card to try and complete. Those who complete the activities will receive a Bronze Award.

Let's get active!

Year 6 walk to Roa Island and visit to the Dock Museum.

The weather and scenery were stunning!
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

The children tested their fitness levels as they completed the walk which was a distance of almost 6 miles. Good friendship and teamwork was shown throughout the activity.
The Vikings were active on the Furness peninsular and there is evidence that they were at Rampside, so this linked in with afternoon session at the Dock Museum.

The session was led by Dock Museum staff. We all learnt much about the Vikings in Furness and saw the ‘haul’ discovered locally.
We even got to finish the day off on the playground!
At St George's we do our best to keep ourselves fit and healthy.
Friday afternoon is bike ride time with Mr Riley! 

Year 1 outdoor learning at Birkrigg and Sea Wood.

Year 1 had a fantastic day. They  successfully reached the top of Bikrigg Fell, explored the limestone pavements and kept a look out  for Big Bad ‘wolves’ in Sea Wood!
Exploring the limestone pavements.
Adventures in Sea Wood


Autumn Term 2015


Well done to all the Y3/4/5/6 children who worked hard and improved their skills during the golf sessions with our local pro, Paul Rawlinson.

Well done especially to the children who represented the school golf team.

Well done to all the Y6 children who took part in the Bike ability training.
We hope it will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to cycle safely throughout the rest of your life!
Here are some of the children with the instructors.

well done to the children who have represented the school football teams this term.



Well done to our Year5/6 Sorts Hall Athletics Team, who competed in a competition at Hoops.



Year 2 and Year 6 had a fun day visiting the Dalton safari Zoo.

This term class 4 have been reading the book ‘Swallows and Amazons’ in their English lessons.

As part of their learning we arranged for them to spend the day at Water Park, Lakeland Adventure Centre, Coniston Water.

They had the opportunity to canoe to Piel island in the middle of the lake and in groups ‘made camp’, as the characters had done in the story.  

The children had a fantastic day, finished off by a dip in the lake!

Year 5/6 Park Run   
We had a great afternoon for the run, the sun shone and the children ran!

Well done to everyone. All the pupils managed to complete the run.

Here are some of our Year 5 champions.

Reception Class had the fabulous opportunity to visit the RNLI station and board the Grace Dixon Lifeboat.

Many thanks once again to John and Mike for showing the children around the station and answering all their questions with patience.

The children enjoyed their walk along the causeway to Roa Island.

The children then had a picnic in Barrow Park, followed by a play on the Park. The children played so well together, helping each other, laughing with each other and making good use of their imaginations. It was a pleasure to behold. Well done Reception Class.

Well done to the Year 3 and Year 4 children who represented the school hockey team in a tournament held at Furness College.

Although we didn’t go through to the next round, we did win some games, played well as a team and scored some cracking goals. 

On Wednesday 21st October 2015 Year 3 and Year 4 pupils were given the opportunity to run on the Furness Academy running track.

The Year 3 pupils ran 2 laps of the track (800m) and the Year 4 pupils ran 3 laps (1200m)

Well done to our Year 3 and Year 4 Champions.

Well done to all the children who represented the school cross country team in a Year5/6 event held at UVHS.
Particularly well done to Aiden Pawley, who was positioned 4th in the Y6 boy’s event.

On 20th October 2015 Reception Class had the fabulous opportunity to visit the RNLI station and board the Grace Dixon Lifeboat. Many thanks once again to John and Mike for showing the children around the station and answering all their questions with patience.
The children enjoyed their walk along the causeway to Roa Island.
The children then had a picnic in Barrow Park, followed by a play on the Park. The children played so well together, helping each other, laughing with each other and making good use of their imaginations. It was a pleasure to behold. Well done Reception Class.

Year 1 went on a trip to South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

The children had great fun seeing all the animals, especially the new introductions to the park. They were able to feed a range of animals but their favourite were the kangaroos!
We found the lemur very funny and the otters fascinating.
Thank you to South Lakes Safari Park for giving this opportunity to our children and thanks also to all our parents and carers who donated £1 to the zoo. The day ended with a play in the new adventure playground.

Year 3 visited Furness Abbey.

Weather wise we were blessed with yet another beautiful day. The day started with a visit to Furness Abbey. Many of the children had never actually been on the Abbey site before.   
The children were fascinated by the Abbey ruins and constantly asked questions. They particularly liked the coffin shaped stone and the newly found treasure.
After exploring the ruins, the children sat down to sketch part of the ruins and it seems we have some budding artists! We then had lunch in the Abbey grounds.
Next the children went blackberry picking. Again many had never had experience of this before. They were amazed at how many berries there were and we made a grand collection to make some blackberry crumbles
when we got back to school.                
The day was finished off with a run around and a roll down the amphitheatre hills.
An action packed day was had by all, including the staff.
If you pay council tax to Barrow Borough Council you can visit Furness Abbey free of charge. Just show your current council tax bill at the Visitor’s Centre and everyone permanently living at your address can benefit from this offer. (This is not valid for special events!)



Year 2 were lucky to be the first class this year to head to the hills on an adventurous Learning Outdoors visit. It was a perfect day for walking up Gummer’s How and the children rose to the challenge.    

The views of Windermere from the top were amazing.
In addition to the physical experience, the children also became familiar with lots of new words such as trig point, ribbon lake, heather, bracken and it was great to see them using these words in their follow up the next day at school.
Kian  said ‘’we went up a mountain that was 321m high, it was a brilliant view.’’
Clayton commented ‘’we snaked up the mountain’’
The children were exceptionally well behaved, thoughtful, helpful and kind to each other. This was noted by several other walkers, who stopped to ask the children which school they were from. The children proudly said St George’s!
The day ended with a lunch and a play on the park at Fell Foot Park on the shores of Windermere. 
Finley wrote ’’I enjoyed it with my friends’’ and lots of the children commented that they would like to go there again. Anyone wanting details of how to get to the start of this not too difficult walk, please see Mrs Chapman for details. 

Year 6 Beach hop

Once again the weather was bright and sunny. We started off on Walney looking in the rock pools found at Sandy Gap. The children used classification keys to help name the variety of shells and seaweeds found.
They also found crabs and shrimps.
We talked about the tides and the children were able to see from a distance, how fast the tide comes in. This is a valuable lesson for our children to learn, as we are surrounded by sea on three sides!
In the afternoon, we visited Roan Head, this beach was quite different to Sandy Gap. The children found a much larger variety of shells and noticed the sand dunes. The children were asked to make collages from items found on the beach, here are some of their creations.
The children enjoyed their free exploration time running along the shore, squelching in mud and jumping the waves. A great day was had by all.


The Nursery children had great fun exploring the local beaches

They balanced on the pebbles, jumped in puddles and rock pools and collected a range of seaweeds, sticks and crab parts! They even discovered a dried up shark!! The adventure was finished off with a well earned play in the park.



Summer Term 2015


Well done to the cricket team who played against Greengate School on Friday 12th June 2015.

It was a very close match. Greengate just pipping us 40 runs to 34. 

Y3 were treated to a wonderful visit to Leighton Moss nature reserve, courtesy of the RSPB.

The children were Nature Agents for the day, investigating different habitats and then took a nature walk to a wildlife watching hide. They had fun using binoculars to view the birds.

The children learnt lots of new facts about the plants and animals on the reserve.
Many thanks to the Leighton Moss staff who all made us feel very welcome. Thank you especially for the bluetit bird box that you gave us to take back to school; it will be placed in our secret garden and will surely give much pleasure in years to come.
NB Leighton Moss is within easy walking distance from Silverdale train station. If you arrive by train, there is no entrance fee to pay at the reserve, it is free!!
If you go in the car, there is a small fee.

There is more information on the website www.rspb.org.uk

Kayaking with Duddon Canoe Club  
Year 5 pupils have been lucky enough to take part in several sessions to help develop their paddling skills at the stunning activity centre, Water Park, Coniston.

We have quite a lot of children that have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope that maybe they can continue to canoe and kayak in our local area.
To enable this to potentially happen, we arranged a few session with Duddon Canoe Club, who are based on our doorstep at Ramsden Dock. This will enable the children to see where the club is situated and meet the coaches.

Duddon Canoe Club run club sessions at the dock each Friday evening from 6.00 pm and pool sessions at the Park Leisure Centre on Thursday at 7.15pm
Sessions at the docks are £1 for members and £2 for non members. Junior membership is £6 a year. (You can only have 4 sessions as non member for insurance reasons)

For more information look at the club web site

Here are some of our kayakers having fun on the water!




Well done!

To all the children who competed in the Barrow Primary Schools
Cross Country relay, held at Walney on Wednesday 13th May.

The Year 1 children went on an adventure to The Dock Museum. The park was packed with excited children, challenging themselves and having a great time with their friends. After lunch, the children walked along the channel side and up the slag bank hill. They could see for miles and spent a while looking at the various features of the town, the mountains and Walney Island. The following day the children wrote about their day. We feel sure that having experiences like this, greatly enhance their writing.
Well done Year 1.

Year 4 visited the English Heritage site, Stott Park Bobbin Mill, near Newby Bridge. The children found it very interesting and learnt a lot about the working life of local people in the past. Many thanks to the Mill staff for making us feel so welcome. 

We had lunch outside and felt privileged to be in such a beautiful location.

Lunch was followed by an energetic, adventurous walk up to and around High Dam.

Year 5 Paddle Sport
22nd April 2015

The sun shone down on us for a fabulous day at Water Park. The day was filled with a mixed bag of excitement!
A first for many of us as we were privileged to see three baby badgers, two at play and one curled up fast asleep.
We also saw buzzards, herons, ducklings, lambs and even created our own sculpture mini beasts.

Kayaking with little wind meant that we could journey further up the lake than past sessions and enabled us to put all those new skills into practice.
With the weather being a little warmer, we also got to jump in the lake!! 

Sportability  Event at Hoops 

A good time was had by all at the Furness Academy Sport Ability Event held at Hoops. We had a go at wheelchair basketball and curling, both of which were great fun! The children are keen for another go!!

Please take note of the following swimming times for the Summer term. 

MONDAY  20th April
Year 4 and Year 6
MONDAY  27th April
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6
Year 4 and Year 6

Spring Term



This half term, the Lancashire FA Skills Team will be starting a unit of work in St George’s. They will be working every Tuesday for 5 weeks with years 1/2/3 and 4.

The programme aims to give each child a positive experience of PE and develop their football skills. In addition, the coach will support the professional development of the class teachers in relation to the planning and delivery of invasion games, through football.
We look forward to working with our designated coach, Zuber Patel and hope he enjoys his time working with our children.

Well done to the year 3/4 cricket team. 

Thanks to the staff and children at Furness College for a fun session of cricket skills.
All the children were given the opportunity to improve their fielding and batting skills.

Well done to all the players who took part in the Furness Academy netball tournament. Your team work was excellent.



Our first outing for this year was by Reception Class, who had a very active time on the Dock Museum play park, followed by a strenuous but enjoyable walk up the slag bank hill. The weather and views of Walney Island and Black Combe were just fantastic. Well done children.
If you have never done this walk, it is a must!!! 

Lifeboat Station Visits

This half term, we have a series of visits booked to take the children to see the Lifeboat Station on Roa Island. 
The first groups to visit were Y3 and Y5 on Wednesday 14th January.

Here are some of Y3 on the causeway leading to Roa Island.

It was very windy! We could strike the ‘Titanic’ pose against the wind.
We also got to go inside the Grace Dixon Lifeboat. 

Thanks to Mike and John for showing us around the station and allowing us all aboard the Grace Dixon all weather lifeboat.

Autumn Term 2014


Year 3 went on a visit to Hay Bridge Nature Reserve. 
It was a cold and frosty day, but so beautiful! We walked through the woodlands and discovered and learned lots about the animals and plants that live there.
The views from the hides were fantastic. 
We would like to say a huge thank you to Keith and Helen at the Reserve for making us feel welcome and making our visit possible.

Our most recent OFSTED inspection report has now been published and we would like to share it with you. 
Click on this link to view the report (PDF)


At lunch time today we received a call from OFSTED who will be visiting us Tuesday 18th November and Wednesday 19th November 2014. As you know this is an important time for us as a school and we would appreciate your support  once again by ensuring you have completed the ParentView questionnaire available at https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/login?destination=give-your-views. Thank you for your continued support from all of the St George's team. 
Year 5 Cross Country

The year 5s completed a 1000m course and the Y6’s a 2000m course. They all did extremely well, battling the windy conditions at Sandy Gap, Walney.  Special mention must be made for Aidan Pawley who came in 7th position for the boys Y5 race.

Well done to the football team who played in the Joe Humphries Tournament .You showed great team spirit and played with lots of determination.

Man of the match : Tyler Hackett



Our Year 6 class have been working extremely hard with our local newspaper (North West Evening Mail). They have all become superstar reporters. Please use the link below to see a newspaper the NWEM have made on our behalf. 

Click here (PDF) 
Year 2 Red River Walk

The walk started at Furness Abbey and followed the Red River towards Roose and from there back to school.  The distance walked was between 2.5 and 3 miles. A couple of children found this quite challenging but pleasingly the majority walked the distance quite happily. Though they should all have slept well that night!
As well as being physically active for an extended period of time, the walk also enabled us to teach the children about plants, animals and habitats in the local environment.
We also talked to the children about some of the ‘countryside code’ ideas such as closing gates. The walk passed a level crossing so we were able to talk to the children about NEVER crossing a railway line. This particular level crossing has a tunnel to access the other side, so we took the children under to show them the safe was to cross. Later on in the walk, many of the children were excited to see the trains pass by.
Even lessons such as walking carefully passed dogs, not stroking them without asking the owners permission etc are invaluable lessons to keep the children safer in their everyday lives.


Year 5 & 6 rose to the challenge of a park run! The children were encouraged to run the course, or jog/walk if necessary. The children were timed and now have a target time for their next run! The 12 fastest runners were:
  • Aidan Pawley  4:25 (min/secs)
  • Kai Hoyland   4:33
  • Derri Farrell   4:44
  • Matthew Cooksey 4:46
  • Kirsten  Barbour   4:56
  • Michael Monaghan  5:25
  • Ellie Webster 5:25
  • Tianna Liversidge  5:33
  • Chloe Sim 5:35
  • Katie Deelay 5:37
As you can see these are all very close so well done to all of the children involved.

Well done to all the year 3 and 4 children who took part in friendly hockey matches v Greengate School this term. We are proud of you all!
Thanks to Greengate school for coming along to play on our new muga pitch.                                      



Year 5 went to Roan Head beach on an Iron Man hunt. 

Groups of children had made their own Iron Man model in DT. These were brought along to the beach and each group hid a different group’s model. They recorded the co ordinates of where they had hidden the model and then gave these to the owners, who had to then go and find their model. This was a very energetic activity. Children running up and down the dunes, hiding and locating the models. The children needed to work as a team.


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