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St George's CofE School aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

Above all, our aim is to make St. George's School a happy place, where your child will want to be, where their personal strengths and weaknesses will be recognised and their work will be tailored to reflect their individual needs.


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School Sports Funding

School Sports funding is a government initiative providing schools with a specific budget for school sport and physical activity.

For the academic year 2017/2018 St George’s will receive £17,670 funding to support pupil progress and participation in PE and School Sport.

Alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, The Department of Health funds 50% of the PE Sport Premium and it is important that the funding impacts on the Health & Well Being of our students. So we need to make sure that we are concentrating on getting children active, for their physical, mental and emotional well being.

We want to see healthy, happy active children

We want everyone to feel like sport is for them by giving everyone a chance to participate

We will promote pupil’s physical development, health and well-being by

Ensuring we have a skilled workforce in school

  • We work collaboratively within our cluster of schools, to develop a creative and higher quality provision. This allows for a sustainable, long-term, local structure to be developed. The PE Coordinator is given time to lead improvements in PE and School Sport and to attend cluster planning meetings.
  • We ensure that there is a strategy for the development of teacher confidence and competence in PE by increasing the amount of training opportunities and support for staff. We make good use of staff strengths. Within our staff, we have a wealth of expertise in Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Swimming, all of which we use effectively in a variety of ways, including team teaching.
  • 2 members of staff attended the ASA Swimming Teacher’s course
  • In turn this will drive improvements in the quality of teaching and learning in PE.
  • When we have ‘coaches’ in school, staff work alongside the coach and learn skills needed to improve their own knowledge and understanding of the activity. This is a two way process, and we hope that the coach also learns more about planning, differentiation, outcomes etc from the teacher. In this way, the pupils will receive a better quality lesson, which will have a greater impact upon their learning and develop children’s skills, competencies and confidence. Golf and cricket coaches have been booked for this year.

Creating active environments

  • The school playground has recently had new markings added, designed with health and fitness in mind. A sports trail has been added for the children to follow, the adventure playground trail was also maintained and improved, with the addition of a tunnel. Children are encouraged to make up their own activities for keeping fit.
  • Time is given to the sports coordinator to work with the school council to plan a rota for the MUGA. This ensures a range of activities is on offer to the children and that equipment at playtime encourages active play, is suitable and on hand.
  • Skipping rhyme plaques have been mounted in the playground to encourage more children to join in with this activity. We also have skipping ‘champions’ from each class., whose records are continually being challenged. 

Active environments beyond the school grounds

  • We are fortunate in school to own one minibus and lease a second bus.  Staff  have taken driving tests with the local authority and this means the buses are in regular use by all classes. Petrol and upkeep need paying for, but the benefits and impact of our extensive Outdoor Learning Programme is massive.
  • Donations are made to places such as the Hoad monument, Brockhole etc, who make no charge for the children’s visits.
  • The PE coordinator is given time to plan a programme of Outdoor activities. This involves finding places of interest and adventure in the local area, completing risk assessments, coordinating with local sites of interest, travel arrangements, staffing, and lunches etc                                                                                                           It is our aim that each class will have one day each half term in the ‘outdoors’, experiencing physical challenges-maybe fell walking, walking greater distances than they are accustomed to, new playgrounds ,exploring beaches or woods or flying kites etc
  • This has a definite influence on health and fitness and as many of our activities are in the local area, this has impacted upon what parents are doing with their children. We hear more and more that the children have revisited sites in their own time with their parents/carers. Encouraging healthy life style choices.
  • The Outdoor Learning experience does begin in the classroom. The children are taught specific vocabulary, related to the site that they will be visiting. They are encouraged to use this vocabulary, whist outdoors and upon their return to class. Staff are convinced that giving our children new experiences, greatly increases their ability to recall a wider vocabulary in their speech and improve the creativity and quality of their writing.

Offer wider choice and a variety of activities

  • Provide an ever wider range of activities for the children to access both in school and out.
  • We now hire both pools at the local Leisure Centre, to enable Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 to have swimming lessons. We also employ a qualified swimming teacher from the pool to lead the session, alongside our own staff. The children and parents have evidenced that this is an invaluable activity and many parents have started to take children in their own time too. The number of children achieving swimming awards at an earlier age is growing.
  • Change 4 life Clubs are run in school by the PE coordinator. The Change for Life bags are regularly swapped within the cluster to ensure children remain engaged. An after school club encouraging healthy eating tips, using change for life resources also proved popular. Government Change for Life hand outs are ordered and distributed to families through school.
  • 10 minute shake up encouraged on the playground to get kids moving with Disney inspired Shake Up activity cards! Any burst of 10-minute
    activity counts as a Shake Up and goes towards the hour of physical activity.
  • All Year 6 take part in the Cyclewise Cumbria Bikeability Scheme. This scheme gives the children life skills for staying safe on their bikes when out on the roads. School have purchased some bikes and helmets that are used on a weekly basis, when various groups of children are taken out by two members of staff.                   A variety of bikes are available in school, from balance bikes, bikes with stabilisers, bikes without stabilisers and it is our aim to have all children riding a bike before they leave school.
  • This Year Y4 will also take part in the level 1 Bikeability scheme.
  • In addition to the Year 6 Residential at Water Park Adventure Centre, Coniston, Year 5 pupils have taken part in a 5 day paddlesport course (1 day per half term).For most children, this was the first time they had experienced being on the lake. Many children overcame fears, all worked on being encouraging and team work. All pushed themselves and rose to the physical challenge. The pupils will then be taken for a final session with the Duddon Canoe Club, who paddle within walking distance from our school. It is hoped and will be encouraged that some children will take up canoeing in their own time-forging links with external sports clubs to achieve sustainable ways of engaging pupils.
  • This year Years 2/3/4 will all take part in a mini 1 night residential. This will be an exciting experience for them and an important life skill –helping them to build their self confidence and independence. It will also help prepare them for future longer residential xperiences in Years 5&6
  • Staff offer a wide and extensive range of after school clubs and activities for both KS1 and KS2 pupils. Not all are competitive sports clubs, many children enjoy the more creative, dance clubs on offer. Registers are kept and when collated, show which children are not taking part in after school clubs. We work to find out why this might be and to see how we might engage these children.

Engagement with wider communities and families

  • This year we have worked on an initiative with Barrow AFC called ‘Anything is possible’. The scheme has been designed to encourage children to spend less time on their computers and more time with their families being active. The scheme lists 10 activities for the younger children and 20 for the junior pupils to complete. Parents have e mailed with photo evidence, and again it has been good to get both the parents and children out and about together more.
  • Participation in the Comic relief mile, well supported by parents, good community spirit.
  • Sports Day to be organised and held at Furness Academy
  • Children attended 3 keep fit sessions held at Barrow VI Form College, led by their sports leaders. This was beneficial for both sets of students. 

Increase the number of children who participate in competitive sport by involving more children in local School Games events; inter school and intra school competitions.

  • Intra class running competitions held in the local park and on the local Academy track. This gave the children the opportunity to challenge themselves to a longer run, as our school grounds are rather limited for this. This in turn enabled a team to be picked for the inter school cross country competitions. Our pupils ranked higher than we ever have done before! One pupil qualified to represent Furness Schools in the Cumbria championships.
  • Gym coaching was of a high standard and pupils enjoyed success in the Key Steps competitions, qualifying for the Cluster Finals into the next rounds.
  • Pupils have also competed in the local football league, indoor athletics, hockey and golf competitions. Tennis, Cricket, Athletics and orienteering competitions are to take place in the summer term.

Sainsbury School Games Mark

  • Over the last four years, we have steadily improved our sports provision achieving the Bronze Award, the Silver Award and the Gold Award, for 2014-15,  2015-16 and 2016-17.
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