'Life in all its fullness'
John 10:10

St George's C of E School aims to serve by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of our Christian Vision and Values, which have been determined by our whole school community.

Above all, our aim is to make St George's School a happy place, where your child will want to be, where their personal strengths are celebrated and their work will be tailored to their individual needs.


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Our School

We are a school with 237 children on role which includes a busy Nursery.

An extensive 2011 school refurbishment joined the previous separate KS1, KS2 and Nursery buildings and has produced a fantastic teaching/learning environment for all age groups.

The offices and front entrance are based on School Street with old offices being used as our new SENCO and inclusion areas, which provide quality pastoral care for our children and support local families.

Our staff are a strong team. Experienced, hugely committed and highly trained, including a Specialist Lead Teacher for both English and Maths in Cumbria. 

Nursery and Reception classes have a fantastic outdoor play area with sheltered outdoor provision and a variety of multi-sensory equipment for the children to use as they are learning.

KS1 has a large wet play and cooking area which provides the children with interesting opportunities to learn.

KS2 is now organised into a fantastic open corridor which is utilised as an extra learning zone for intervention groups and other activities. The Year 2 and 5 classrooms have their own balcony area which is used by groups of children to learn in an outdoor setting. In 2017 we developed our Music Room to accommodate a Year 6 Classroom. 

All classrooms are equipped with the newest whiteboards and ICT equipment as we look forward to preparing the children for the technological age they live in. To support this, we have several whole class sets of Ipads and laptops to enhance their learning.

We all work very hard to ensure our children can access the most up to date teaching strategies and resources which will allow them to achieve their maximum potential. 

Outdoor Learning is a shared focus for all staff and we have two minibuses that facilitate many ‘Learning Away’ experiences for the children, from the moment they enter the Nursery. All children from Years 3 to 5 go on residential trips, including London and the Lake District.

This is an Outstanding Church School and we are passionate about teaching and guiding young people in this complex world to be good, Christian children who can make a positive contribution to their community is an aim we strive to achieve




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